John Battle on Saving on lighting

Fluorescent lighting may well cost less to run in the long term but I would never recommend it for domestic use because it is so bad for the eyes. Just use ordinary bulbs. Use low wattage bulbs where it is not essential to have a bright light, but do not use them where you need a good light for reading, sewing, etc. Dust all bulbs regularly it is amazing how much brighter the light is when dust has been removed! Try to avoid very dark shades, as these cut out a. lot of the light. And, above all, turn out lights in rooms you are not using.
Don't buy the so called long life' bulbs. Although these do usually last longer than the standard ones, they also use much more electricity. They therefore increase your electricity bill as well as costing more in the first place anyway.
Saving on Fuel Bills
Buy your fuel at 2014 summer prices. If you buy large quantities of fuel collectively you may� get a discount for spot cash on delivery.