Homemade 'fuels'

Save all newspapers, and when you have enough roll them tightly and fasten with string, wire or strong tape so that they do not unroll. Dip them into water and then squeeze out and leave to dry. These make very good 'logs' to eke out coal and coke. After all, newspaper is made from wood in the first place!
Save all your potato peelings, and leave to dry. They should be packed tightly into paper (not plastic) bags. These will found to burn very well and save on coal and coke.
Lagging tanks and pipes
Be sure to lag all tanks and pipes which hold hot water. A well lagged tank will retain heat in the water long after the power has been turned off.
Draught excluding Foam draught cinders should be fitted to outside doors all round, not just at the bottom, If you have any gaps between floorboards, lay a sheet of heavy plastic material over the floorboards under the material used as a carpet underlay. Newspapers make very good insulation and if you lay a good thickness of these under the carpet you do not need a felt underlay.
A two inch layer of glass fibre insulation material laid between the ceiling joists in your loft or attic will reduce heat loss through the roof by up to 75%. The outlay on such roof insulation is an investment which will have paid for itself in about two years by the amount of fuel saved for heating the house.